Biscuit season 2019 officially kicks off

Biscuit season 2019 officially kicks off
Today marks the launch of our 2019 Girl Guide Biscuit fundraiser! That means that you’ll be seeing more and more geared up Girl Guides across our state knocking on doors in local communities and manning stalls outside your local stores and shopping centres to raise funds for their local Units and Districts. Check out when your local Unit is next hosting a biscuit event near you here. 
This year, our growing 5,000 member strong organisation, is entering its Centenary year and in celebration of this momentous occasion we have set the goal to sell 13,000 cartons of our iconic biscuits through our first ever Biscuits for Business campaign!                                                                                               
We know that sounds like a lot and it probably is. If our team don’t eat too many of these delectable delights, that is over five million six hundred thousand biscuits!                                                               
Ambitious target, yes. 
Reachable target, we believe it is. 
Important target, absolutely!

The monies raised, will go directly to fund our ever-evolving programs that over the last 100 years have empowered young Queensland women to become more confident, more community orientated and more prepared to adapt to this ever-changing world.
Girl Guides Queensland encourages, educates and inspires girls and women across Queensland to be the best they possibly can be and, in many instances, become our leaders of tomorrow. The funds raised through our biscuit fundraiser plays a huge part in making this happen.
Almost everybody has a childhood memory of our biscuits, whether it be a knock on the door from years’ past, a mouthful when Mum wasn’t looking or seeing uniformed Girl Guides promoting sales in local neighborhoods.
This will never change. However, in 2019, we are taking our iconic biscuits to the next level by introducing our Biscuits for Business campaign to help us reach our ambitious target so that we can empower even more Queensland girls and young women.
And this is where we’re asking for your HELP.
We are asking Queensland’s business community, to ‘come on board’ and make this happen.
From as little as a single carton price of $42 your business can become a Sponsor and show your support for female empowerment and our 100 year-old organisation with colleagues, clients or visitors. For a more significant contribution, we’re offering tiered brand partnerships commencing at $5,000 with some truly rewarding benefits.
Your contribution energises 244 units in 146 districts across Queensland, trains more than 900 volunteer leaders, and supplies over 216 neighborhoods with Girl Guides community service activities. How can you help you ask?
You can order cartons from only $42.00 for your business, by simply placing your order on our online shop
If you want to buy some delicious packets of biscuits for home - make sure you support your local unit by contacting them directly
Your support will not only help build a stronger Girl Guides Queensland organisation, it also helps build stronger young Queensland women. Here’s to our next generation of leaders!


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